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The Benefits of Website Translation

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Financial Website Translation Case Study

One of the common stalling grounds for undertaking a website translation, even when the target market clearly uses another language, and the implications for improved search visibility and lead generation are just as clearly understood, is that it just seems like too much work.

The benefits of website translation are all too often not realised by the fear of the work it may involve.

This financial website translation case study reveals how UK TechTrans helped Swiss banking site BKB achieve their goals without any of the pain.

And we can do the same for you.

Who’s afraid of the CMS?

The main problem lies, admittedly, with the rigours of the translation process itself.

Professional translation work takes place offline. It is conducted by highly qualified translators who are mother-tongue speakers and experienced, in BKB’s case, in the financial sector.

That is to say, people who, in all senses of the phrase, speak your language. They understand the terminology, its nuances and your market.

The QA tools they use to assure you of the highest quality, most accurate translation requires them to work with offline documents (such as Microsoft Word).

This means that the original website copy must be output from the CMS and the new language variant must be uploaded once completed.

How UK TechTrans can help make website translation painless

BKB need their website translating from Swiss German into English.

You can see our work here, but it’s the way we carried out the work that is just as important as the finished result.

BKB didn’t want to get involved in the output or upload into their CMS. No problem.

For no extra cost UK TechTrans took care of the translation work and handled the CMS work as well.

It’s something we do as standard.

No extra time was added to the translation schedule and BKB were able to benefit from a website translation without the pain.

What’s more they were able to review the translations in Word files prior to the work of inputting it into the CMS being conducted. This saved them a lot of time and meant the final text in the CMS was word perfect.

“Many thanks for your attention, it saves me a tremendous amount of work.” John, BKB

BKB financial website translation

Financial website translation
  • Swiss German into English
  • 90,949 words in 8 batches
  • All copy taken from CMS, translated, checked and uploaded into CMS
  • Started on 03/04/2013
  • Completed on 14/05/2013
Follow-up work for new pages has continued to be placed with UK TechTrans.

How can we help you?

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"That is excellent. Got the PDF open very easily.

Thank you for your assistance on this.

Very impressed by how proactive Techtrans are."

Owen Hall, MTL Group

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