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UK TechTrans has provided swift and accurate Japanese technical translation into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese in a wide variety of disciplines from the packaging and processing to IT, websites, automotive and crushing industries having completed several major projects for clients in the UK and Europe.


Paragraph marker icon We only use professionally qualified, full time translators working in their native language. Our translators come from technical backgrounds to ensure the best possible match for translation work which is essential in any specialist area. We translate from and into English and other language combinations are available upon request. All translated documents are returned proofread, ready to print and we offer a full typesetting service as needed. To discuss your project and get a customised quote our sales team on: +44 (0) 1273 426921 


A few facts on Japan and its language.


Paragraph marker icon Japanese is part of the Japonic group of languages and is spoken by over 130 million people, mostly in Japan. Japanese is written with a combination of three different types of scripts using modified Chinese characters. The Latin alphabet is also often used in modern Japanese, especially for company names and logos. Japanese has been heavily influenced by other languages notably Chinese and English. Japan has the world's tenth largest population, with about 128 million people and the Greater Tokyo Area is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 30 million inhabitants. The first written mention of Japan comes from brief appearances in Chinese history texts from the first century A.D.


Paragraph marker icon Japan is a major economic power and has the world's second largest economy. It is a member of the United Nations, G8, OECD and APEC. It is also the world's fourth largest exporter and sixth largest importer. Japan is the home to some of the most advanced technology in the world and is known for producing motor vehicles, electronic equipment, machine tools, steel, ships, chemicals and textiles.


Paragraph marker icon Well known Japanese companies or brands are Toyota, Nissan, Canon, Honda, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Sony, Nintendo, Nippon Steel, Tepco, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. Famous Japanese people include Yoshizawa Akira, Daisuke Inoue, Takuma Sato, Yoko Ono, Soichiro Honda, Ichiro Suzuki and Emperor Hirohito.

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