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Website Translation Service

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We do techincal translations of documents, websites, manuals and software for all these industries

Software and Hardware Translation

UK TechTrans specialises in web software translations of all kinds.

Paragraph marker icon We are experienced in translating many different types of software, hardware, websites, screen texts and help texts for a wide range of clients in the legal, oil, gas, paper, pulp, packaging processing, drilling, electronics, crushing, pumps and other industries.  All major formats are supported including HTML, XML, ASP, PHP, JAVA among others.To discuss your project and get a customised quote our sales team on: +44 (0) 1273 426921 

Paragraph marker iconAccuracy is vital to IT, software, hardware and website translations where small errors could potentially have very serious consequences to a company.  A good glossary of terminology and advance planning is the key to good translation.  There are often many ways to translate something, but IT, software and hardware language is usually very specific and there must be no room for ambiguity in translation.  It is imperative that all text including hidden or embedded text is identified to ensure the translation is complete, particularly as many websites today are extremely complex.

Paragraph marker icon The translation must convey the meaning precisely in the language being translated into. Current terminology must be used and any country specific words should be observed. UK TechTrans uses Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to ensure consistency in our translations and all work is previewed and checked for quality before delivery. UK TechTrans only uses professionally qualified full time, mother tongue technical translators.

Paragraph marker icon Our translators, where possible, have an IT background or several years experience to ensure the translation meets the exact requirements of our clients using correct terminology. UK TechTrans translates from and into any language and has a large amount of experience in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Scandinavian and Dutch website, IT, software and hardware translations.

Some examples of websites we have translated are:


Website translation facts and figures

The internet will increasingly come to be dominated by languages other than English and users whose mother tongue is not English.

That’s a fact.

In the meantime here are some facts and figures about language choice and internet usage.

They make a compelling case for the necessity of translating your website into the target language of your key markets.

  • Despite the widely-held belief that English is the most popular language in the world it actually has far fewer active users than Mandarin or Spanish. (Source)

  • In terms of coverage there is actually 70% of the world that doesn’t even speak English as a second language. (Source)

  • This fact contrasts strongly with the number of websites that only contain content written in English. They account for 57% of all websites. (Source)

  • Although the initial growth in internet audiences was driven by English-speaking countries like America the tide is turning and growth is now coming from countries with non-native English speakers. They currently account for nearly two-thirds of all internet users but their share is growing rapidly. (Source and Source)

  • Their presence is keenly felt on the search engines where more than half of all Google searches are made using languages other than English. (Source)

  • The jury is overwhelmingly out on whether English websites are sufficient to attract and convert non-native users of the language. In a recent survey 90% of internet users in the EU did more than express a preference for websites in their own language: they categorically stated that if given a choice they would always choose to visit a website in their own language. What’s more only half of those surveyed were content to even use an English language website where there was no other alternative. (Source)
If you are looking to reach international markets website translation is not an optional extra. It is the price of entry.

There are many ways we can make the process easier for you, as our case study of the website translation work we carried out for BKB reveals.

There are also many rewards. Econsultancy reports that website translation is more than worth the investment: in a recent survey of companies who have localised their website content it was found that for every US$1 invested there is an expected US$25 return.

Talk to us on +44 (0) 1273 426921 about translating your website, localising your content, reaching your global audience and really started to do business in international markets.

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