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Oil and Gas Technical Translation Case Study

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Russian Technical Translation for Offshore Design Ltd (Sakhalin-2)

During the second half of 2014 UK TechTrans successfully managed the Russian technical translation of a full set of Operation and Maintenance manuals and documents for a new oil and gas extraction facility being designed and installed on the Russian island of Sakhalin, which is a few hundred miles north of Japan.

Gas and Oil Translation Project Overview

  • 25 volumes of technical oil and gas installation documentation for Sakhalin-2
  • 750,000 words for translation into Russian
  • Schematics, diagrams, indexing, references
  • Translation project commenced: 15th July 2014
  • Translation project delivered on schedule: 8th January 2015


The overall project, from which this technical translation project sprung, is known as Sakhalin-2 (Сахалин-2) and, since 1999, it has been producing around 400,000 barrels of oil every day.

Sakhalin-2 includes the first liquefied natural gas plant in Russia and the total costs to date have been estimated to be around $20 billion.

Russian Technical Translations

Our client, Offshore Design Ltd., produces the documentation for large facilities rather than engineers and manufactures the infrastructure itself.

The technical translation work for the Sakhalin-2 project consisted of 25 individual volumes, each on a different aspect of the installation, with a total of 750,000 words.

Several volumes involved complicated schematics and diagrams that had to be successfully rendered in Russian so the Sakhalin engineers could work with them.

Other challenges included the long, complex and detailed glossary and abbreviation tables that needed to be translated and alphabetised for the Cyrillic alphabet whilst still maintaining the index references to other parts of the volumes.

The final challenge was the timings themselves.

The project was kick-started on the 15th July 2014 and needed to be completed by the 8th January 2015. The deadline fell the day after Russian Orthodox Christmas and just a week after the New Year and Christmas holidays in the UK.

Gas and Oil translations

UK TechTrans are a specialist translation agency that produces technical, legal and operational documentation for the gas and oil industries. We have access to a number of professionally qualified full-time, native-speaking technical translators, with an industry or engineering background, who are based in the country where the translation will be used. This means we can always deliver accurate technical translations that use the precise terminology required. It also helps us ensure we can always deliver on time.

We are not a translation agency that can do technical translation. We are a technical translation agency. It’s what we do, and we do it well.

From the translation tender to the delivered project

Offshore Design Ltd. chose to work with us on the Sakhalin-2 project because they knew our track record. They have selected us consistently as their technical translation partner for more than 10 years.

They came to us to help with the tender they were submitting to Sakhalin Energy, the Russian state-backed energy consortium. We supplied the details and credentials of the translation work we would supply as part of the larger project.

Offshore Design Ltd. were confident that we could deliver. We had already done so several times for them on similar projects in the past. Our work has included:
  • French technical translation
    For use by Addax Petroleum in Gabon, West Africa (20 volumes, 500,000 words).
  • Spanish technical translation
    For use in Bolivia, South America (comprehensive training materials for oil rig engineers).
  • Arabic technical translation
    For use by BP in Egypt, North Africa (15 volumes, 250,000 words).
  • Norwegian technical translation
    For use on the Alvheim Oil fields in Norway, Europe (45 volumes, 750,000 words).
What’s more we have already done so for numerous other clients too. Similar projects include technical translations into multiple languages of 200,000 word reports on various oil spills and other containment incidents for Oil Spill Response Ltd.

And we can do the same for you.

Call us today on +44 (0) 1273 426921  or email us to discuss your next oil and gas translation project.

"I’ve been working with UK Techtrans Ltd. since 2002 and my predecessor before that, so we’ve been cooperating for some 15-20 years now. I’ve never experienced any problems caused by the distance between the translation bureau in England and my company in Denmark.

We communicate through emails: I send my material to the Bureau for quoting, receive a quotation, instruct the bureau to go ahead, and a few days later I have my translated materials back. It is so easy and convenient.

The company is highly professional and uses mother-tongue translators with technical insight, which has high priority for me.

I have no trouble recoomending this company to others; I’m constantly endorsing it to my colleagues, when they need to have translations done professionally. "

Cindy Toft, Alfa Laval

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